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Meditation with Jimena

Students Notes (Feb. 4)

Breathing + Meditative State = Meditation

Breathing: how deep does the air get in your body when you inhale..? Follow your breathing pattern consciously (breathe in-breathe out)… be aware of it within your own body.

Meditative State:

Always be grateful/thankful to the Source, and open to any Divine Manifestation
• Say to yourself “ I am in meditation now, or 'I am present' or “I am in the now”… when any distractions come to your way while in process.
• Give meaning to the meditation, what would you like to accomplish..? rest, meeting with God, meet with your Spiritual Guides, healing, clear insights..etc
Position of the body, be comfortable… do not fall sleep!!!! Be alert
Trust where you are
Create a peaceful environment, music, candles, water, nature, picture of loved ones, etc.
• Close your eyes and go with the flow. After mastering this, you can meditate with your eyes wide open… in any place, under any circumstances.



- Do meditation once a day, for the next 2 weeks
- God bless you…. Enjoy the ride

Thank you for giving me this opportunity, and to yourself for giving this gift to you.


Born in Colombia, and immigrated to the US in the year 2000. She is a Spiritual Healer who's mission at this moment is to help others to re-connect with the Source "All That Is", by teaching tools and techniques for conscious living, creating Sacred Space, Self-knowledge and honoring all the Divine Manifestations and relationships.

In the last 20 years she has been studying different Spiritual philosophies and healing techniques, and has had the influence of many Spiritual Guides,Masters and teachers.

every Thursday of the month at 1:00 p.m EASTERN TIME US (English) and 3:00 pm EASTERN TIME US (Spanish).

Please send an email to with your choice to be able to receive an invitation to participate in the on-line class thru

To receive the class # II it is necessary to take the # I.

Schedule of classes for the month of February, 2010

- Feb 4,10 Meditation with Jimena I
- Feb 4,10 Meditación con Jimena I

- Feb 11,10 Meditation with Jimena II
Feb 11,10 Meditación con Jimena II

- Feb 18,10 Balance your life empowering the feminine aspect within I
Feb 18,10 Balancea tu vida fortaleciendo el aspecto femenino interno I

- Feb 25,10 Balance your life empowering the feminine aspect within II
Feb 25,10 Balancea tu vida fortaleciendo el aspecto femenino interno II

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